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Lerner’s Last Stand?; Washingtonian, May 2012. Sandy Lerner, who made millions from her companies Cisco Systems and Urban Decay, now raises organic cattle; can she change the way Americans eat?

Salamander Rising;, August 2013. Sheila Johnson puts her BET on Middleburg, Va., with a complicated (and controversial) investment in a top class resort.

On Top of Her Game; Washingtonian, July 2010. In the male-dominated sport of polo, Isabella Wolf plays like one of the boys-rough.

Planet Krulik; Washingtonian, May 2000. Filmmaker Jeff Krulik, of Heavy Metal Parking Lot fame.

The Dream Team; Executive Report, November 1992. Stanley Cup winning Mario Lemieux and the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Painting the Saints; Pittsburgh Magazine, February 1993. Iconographer Michael Kapeluck. (Reprinted in Catholic Digest).

Angel in the Outfield; Executive Report, October 1997. Kevin McClatchy, owner, Pittsburgh Pirates.

Den of Lions; The Chautauquan Daily, June 30, 1996. Journalist six years a captive of Shiite Muslims in Beirut, Lebanon.

Rita Dove, US Poet Laureate; The Chautauquan Daily, 1996.

We’ve Come a Long Way, Baby; Washingtonian, August 1999. Profiles of famous DC women.

Khalid Rasheem; Executive Report, May 1996. Leader, Gang Peace Council.

Spotlight; Washingtonian, March 2007. Hunter Groninger, Capital Hospice medical director.

Barecca Pulls no Punches; The Chautauquan Daily, August 3, 1994. Author Regina Barecca.


An Artful Take on the Sporting Life, a review of the National Sporting Library & Museum; Washington Post, December 16, 2011.

Faith, The Best Medicine?; Washingtonian, December, 2000. The power of prayer in healing. (Reprinted in Reader’s Digest as The Healing Power of Faith, May, 2001.)

First Lady of Hair?; Washingtonian, August 2002. Rift on Laura Bush’s changing hairstyles.

River Dance; Washingtonian, April 1999. The emerging rowing culture in DC.

Have You Seen This Man?; Washingtonian, October 1998. Expose of a high-profile murder case in DC.

The Long, Hard Journey of the Hmong; Pittsburgh Magazine, April 1992. Hmong immigrants, jilted in Laos when the CIA deserted them after the Vietnam war, now fight to find their way in the US.

Passages; Washingtonian, April 2002. Cultural rituals keep Washington, DC, communities tightly bound to old traditions.

Fighting the Church; Pittsburgh Magazine, October 1993. Church closings in Pennsylvania.

Two Different Worlds; Executive Report, March 1997. A look at two 6th grade boys, one middle class  and one at the poverty line, as they go through life and school, points up the inequalities of life just miles apart.

Business is Blooming; Executive Report, September 1995. Growing cigar demand strains the industry and politics.

Holocaust Survivors find rest as they Bury Their Dead; The Chautauquan Daily, July 16, 1994.

Asians Ascending;, May 2000. Update on the acclimation issues of immigrant Hmong in Minneapolis-St. Paul area.

The Art of the Pawn; Pittsburgh Business Times, April 21, 1991. In troubled times, pawnbrokers make bank.

Mad for Modern; Washingtonian. March 2004. Roundup of modern design in DC.

Cats vs Dogs; Washingtonian, December 2000. How far will people go if their beloved  pet is sick?

At Home with Real Food, Local Food Blog, to November 2012.

Middleburg Shopping; Washingtonian, June 2011.

Middleburg Wineries; Washingtonian, June 2011.

Middleburg Outings; Washingtonian, June 2011.

Ah, Summer: Nine Getaway Weekends; Pittsburgh Magazine, June 1991.

Got Her Goat;, December, 1999. Profile of artisan cheesemaker Judith Schad.

Restaurant and theater reviews, Pittsburgh City Paper.


The Latest, Strangest, Eating Disorder; USA WEEKEND Magazine, January 12, 2001.

Why the Next Ten Years Will Change Your Life Forever; USA Weekend Magazine, October 1, 1999. A look at 21st Century medicine.

Don’t be Rash; Men’s Journal, September 2000. Are you allergic to your grooming products?

Surprise, Stress is Good; USA Weekend Magazine, May 7, 1999.

The Cutting Edge; Pittsburgh Magazine, January 1991. How far will cosmetic surgery go?

Who Really Pays?; Executive Report, October 1995. Cutting healthcare costs by restricting employee options.

How Do You Spell Relief? Executive Report, May 1996. Choices in pain relief.

Handcuffed by Managed Care? Executive Report, June 1996. HMO user’s guide.

Healthcare FRAUD; Executive Report, October 1997. False medical billing scams.

Editorial sample:

Fight or Flight, The Plight of Young Pittsburgh Professionals; Executive Report Magazine, October 1997.


Production credits for Fox Television’s America’s Most Wanted  include: Psychology of A Sniper, OxyContin Bandits, Unknown Robert Nelson Killer, and DC Sniper. 1999-2003.

Book Contributions:

No Mercy; by John Walsh. Pocket Books, November 1998.

Public Enemies; by John Walsh. Atria Books, July 31st 2001.

My Husband Ran off with the Nanny and God do I Miss Her, by Tracey Davis. Amazon, 2013.


Producer, Not Impossible, Season 1 Episode 9, Oh, Print Me a Home.

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