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“Many just went along … they were the people next door.”


And this is why the stories in The Costume Maker are still relevant: because if we don’t learn from history it hides in the shadows of the deep web and comes back with a crowbar. Not exactly what Churchill said, but updated for recent events.

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This sign, so like those that desecrated Jewish shops in Nazi Germany, was painted recently on a bagel shop in Paris, France.



A major character in my book, The Royal Albert Hall celebrates 150 years in 2021.

The Dream Team

The Penguins are at it again! Early on, I had the absolute honor of writing about the nascent Pittburgh Penguins. One day I returned to my home office and a plumber (hired to fix a tub but also a passable secretary) gleefully told me I had a message — which he’d replayed over and over to hear Mario Lemieux on my answering machine. There’s a reason they’re a hometown treasure.