Lydia Strohl
writer, producer, designer, spy
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The tale is in the telling.

Iam a storyteller, an excavator, a messenger, and for many years a journalist, and you can find my works here in these pages. I think everyone has a story, & everything. The person who made your coffee this morning (especially if that was you), who ever who picked the beans, the pedigree of the beans themselves, not to mention the arduous process of crop to cup.

With a degree in Digital Media from American University, I have added web design to a multi-media arsenal including magazines, books, online, television, newspapers, foundations & corporate. An expat kid raised in the US, UK & Greece, my multi-cultural existence included Vienna, Tokyo, New York, Washington, DC, & Singapore. Today, Middleburg, Virginia.

work appears in

Print: Reader’s Digest Men’s Journal USA Weekend Magazine Fitness Money Magazine Washington Post Washingtonian Pittsburgh Magazine Executive Report Magazine Pittsburgh City Paper Pittsburgh Business Times The Chautauquan Daily

Television: America’s Most Wanted Online:

Podcast: Not Impossible

Major Ethnographies: Steel Industry Heritage Corp Rite Aid Corporation

Book Contributions: No Mercy by John Walsh Public Enemies by John Walsh My Husband Ran Off with the Nanny, and God Do I Miss Her by Tracy Davis Asahi Publishing Company